This is an project made up of a collection of songs I just like. It's a mix that includes some songs I have previously recorded but after years of performing them hear a new way that they should be recorded.
I'm a multi-media artist. I've worked as a Painter, Designer, Writer and Musician. This is the first website where I'm putting all three arts together in one place.
Internet Streaming

Because of family health reasons I can no longer tour. So I have been using a website called StreetJelly to perform live (non-archived) occasionally. It's not about making any real money but I do have a phobia about playing free. Kroger still makes me pay for my groceries so I see no reason not to charge for my service.
Fancy Cars

I stopped painting many many years ago. It's what I originally went to college for but music and design work pushed it aside. Now I have returned to my first love of painting neat, cool and fun cars. They are all handpainted watercolors.
One of my hobbies is designing simple liveable homes reasonably sized. Every once in a while I decide to throw a movie or glorified slide show of some of them. 
If all this looks chaotic to you imagine what it looks from my view.